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With full-service Film, TV and Video production capabilities in house, we offer clients
script-to-screen services that support viral, interactive, broadcast and print campaigns.


CMG specializes in film & video production and post-production. From Superbowl ads to corporate
films, we have received international recognition for our work. Our creative team produces projects
from concept development to high-end 3-D graphics - all executed in house. Our team excels
at making productions unique, creative and effective. CMG offers pre-post production services
for our clients at any stage of the production process.Whether you are at the initial stages
of concept development or need experienced editors to cut already filmed footage, we are here
to support you with the production services you need.

Pre-Production Team: Copywriters, Creative Directors, Storyboard Artists, location/technical
Scouts, Casting Directors, and Producers.
Production Team: Producers, Directors, Art Directors, Gaffers, Grips, Make-up Artists,
Set Designers and Audio Technicians.
Production Equipment: SD/HD/film Cameras Lighting Kits, Audio Field Mixers,
Cyclorama/Green Screens/Blue Screens, Grip Equipment, Aaerial Video, Jibs / Dollies.
Post-Production Team: Editors, 3-D Artists, Graphic Designers and Audio Engineers.
Post-Production Programs: Avid / Final Cut / Adobe Premier Pro Editing Systems / After Effects /
Photoshop / Illustrator / Maya / 3D Max. Sound Design, Audio Mixing and Music Scoring.
Studio and Finishing Room Rental is available.
Creators Media Group
Creators Media Group
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