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Anthony Trama wins Youngest Top Forty
Under Forty “Rising Stars” Honor

Anthony Trama, 23, Managing Director of Creators Media Group, is the youngest recipient in history to be awarded the "Top Forty under Forty" Rising Stars Award for “surpassing expectations, raising the bar and set new standards for success. “

Trama says he feels privileged to be in a category among such distinguished recipients. “I am so honored to be chosen alongside such remarkable people and I’m excited for the opportunity to meet them all.

The winners are formally nominated and voted in by Business Council of Westchester members. They are all men and women from various industries based in Westchester.
  Creators Media Group is a production company based in Mount Kisco, NY that specializes
in corporate and broadcast film and video
production. The 15 year old business works
with several not-for-profit organizations in the
Tri-State area as well as multinational
corporations across the country.

Trama has been managing the company
on his own for the past year since the owner relocated to Las Vegas to open a new office.

Trama hopes to open his own production
company in the near future and plans to produce his own films.

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