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HBO, MTV, and ADWEEK judges select
Creators Media Group as top Film/Video/TV
Winner in highly publicized contest

The International Academy of the Visual Arts has recently selected Creators Media Group as a winner of the prestigious 2006 Davey Awards, which honors the finest creative work from around the world.  
CMG, Inc was chosen as a top Film/Video/TV company out of more than 3500 entries from the best small firms, agencies, and companies worldwide. The leading production company was recognized for a 30-minute Instructional DVD produced for Universal Remote Control. “The video was designed to help consumers learn how to program a complex and intimidating remote control with ease and I believe we succeeded, said CEO, Anthony Trama said. The DVD is included in the product’s packaging and sold in all major retailers worldwide.

The Davey Awards focuses on companies that drive from big ideas, rather than big budgets, allowing
  small firms to compete with each other and receive acknowledgement for their outstanding work. Judging for the competition is carried out by the IAVA, which consists of 200 leading professionals in the visual arts industry who are “dedicated to embracing progress and the evolving nature of traditional and interactive media”. The judges are leaders of established advertising and marketing firms such as: Yahoo!, Estee Lauder, Wired, Brandweek, Polo Ralph Lauren, ADWEEK, Coach, MTV, Victoria’s Secret, HBO and The Ellen Degeneres Show.  Creators Media Group is climbing the latter to success with this prestigious award and several others the company has been honored with in the last 6 months:
• Two International Telly Awards
• One International Videographer Award
• One National Accolade
• Two Advertising Club of Westchester Awards

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