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How much would it cost to create a video
for my business?

It costs far less to create a high-end video (that
can be used forever) than it does to buy a full
page print ad. Video has become far less expensive over the past years with the release
of quality digital video cameras that rival the
look of film. Please contact us in order to get
a customized quote for your business.

Can my TV commercial be used to stream
on my website?

Absolutely and we recommend it! The high
definition video we shoot for a TV commercial
can be easily converted for use on the web.
It’s a great way to get the most out of your
marketing dollar.

Does CMG offer full video production crews?
Yes. CMG offers experienced film and video
production crew. Our production crew handles
everything from sound and cameras to catering
and makeup. If you're just looking for crew
members like a professional make-up artist
or a camera operator, we are happy to respond
to those needs as well.

We'd like a sales video, but don't have
a creative idea yet. Can you help?

Yes we can. Our creative team will contact you
to discuss your needs and requirements.
Afterwards, they will provide suggestions and
ideas of what's involved. If you wish to pursue, we'll formulate a creative proposal outlining cost and timescales for your approval.
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