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“Impressing today media-savvy audiences means
your media company must produce a final product
that reflects a keen eye for effectively managing
pre- and post-production, offers a masterful creative
point of view that delivers your key messages at the
right time, for the right investment. The talent at
CMG is quite impressive and continues delivering
on these vital promises for the benefit
of their clients.”

Laurence P. Gottlieb
Corporate Communications Sr. Executive
Winning team leader for 2003
PRWeek’s Public Affairs, Campaign of the Year

“Working with CMG is a great experience. They
"get it" and work to deliver a creative product that is
always on target. If you are looking for plain vanilla,
don't go to CMG.”

James P. O’Toole
James P. O’Toole Consulting
“CMG is one of the best, most responsive, creative,
efficient and helpful full-service media companies
we work with. They deliver a polished, eye-catching
creative way to get your business noticed. Their
designs and campaigns are simple and informative,
the quality of all the material they produce is
outstanding. Above all, they listen to what you want,
to your ideas, and make them a reality.”

Patricia Nicolais
Director of Membership and Special Events
The Business Council of Westchester

“When the ordinary doesn't address the need, you
want to have confidence in those designing the
solution. Creators Media Group made sure to do
more listening than advising at the beginning which
enabled them to create the right video with the right
look and feel for our project.”

Peter Klein
Vice President
Fidelco Realty Corp
Creators Media Group
Creators Media Group
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